Posted by: Preetam | March 20, 2008

Get-Service | Sort-Object status -des | ForEach-Object {write-host $_.Displayname "<=|=|=>" $_.status}

Remote Access Connection Manager ==> Running
Cyberlink RichVideo Service(CRVS) ==> Running
IPSEC Services ==> Running
Protected Storage ==> Running
Task Scheduler ==> Running
Secondary Logon ==> Running
Remote Procedure Call (RPC) ==> Running
Security Accounts Manager ==> Running
TCP/IP NetBIOS Helper ==> Running
Network Connections ==> Running
Server ==> Running
Workstation ==> Running
Norton AntiVirus Client ==> Running
Plug and Play ==> Running
Network Location Awareness (NLA) ==> Running
System Event Notification ==> Running
Windows Time ==> Running
WebClient ==> Running
Themes ==> Running
Distributed Link Tracking Client ==> Running
Automatic Updates ==> Running
Wireless Zero Configuration ==> Running
Windows Management Instrumentation ==> Running
Security Center ==> Running
Print Spooler ==> Running
System Restore Service ==> Running
Windows Firewall/Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) ==> Running
Shell Hardware Detection ==> Running
Telephony ==> Running
Terminal Services ==> Running
SSDP Discovery Service ==> Running
Windows Image Acquisition (WIA) ==> Running
Event Log ==> Running
Error Reporting Service ==> Running
DNS Client ==> Running
Windows Audio ==> Running
Fast User Switching Compatibility ==> Running
COM+ Event System ==> Running
Background Intelligent Transfer Service ==> Running
DefWatch ==> Running
DCOM Server Process Launcher ==> Running
Cryptographic Services ==> Running
Computer Browser ==> Running
Indexing Service ==> Running
DHCP Client ==> Running
Help and Support ==> Running
Intel PDS ==> Running
Intel File Transfer ==> Running
Application Layer Gateway Service ==> Running
iPod Service ==> Running
Apple Mobile Device ==> Running
HID Input Service ==> Running
BlueSoleil Hid Service ==> Stopped
Universal Plug and Play Device Host ==> Stopped
VMware Agent Service ==> Stopped
Performance Logs and Alerts ==> Stopped
MS Software Shadow Copy Provider ==> Stopped
Network Provisioning Service ==> Stopped
Windows Driver Foundation – User-mode Driver Framework ==> Stopped
Alerter ==> Stopped
VMware NAT Service ==> Stopped
VMware Virtual Mount Manager Extended ==> Stopped
Windows Live Setup Service ==> Stopped
Application Management ==> Stopped
ASP.NET State Service ==> Stopped
Volume Shadow Copy ==> Stopped
VMware DHCP Service ==> Stopped
WMI Performance Adapter ==> Stopped
Uninterruptible Power Supply ==> Stopped
Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service ==> Stopped
Portable Media Serial Number Service ==> Stopped
VMware Authorization Service ==> Stopped
Messenger Sharing Folders USN Journal Reader service ==> Stopped
ClipBook ==> Stopped
NT LM Security Support Provider ==> Stopped
HTTP SSL ==> Stopped
IMAPI CD-Burning COM Service ==> Stopped
Google Updater Service ==> Stopped
Office Source Engine ==> Stopped
Removable Storage ==> Stopped
Net Logon ==> Stopped
Distributed Transaction Coordinator ==> Stopped
NetMeeting Remote Desktop Sharing ==> Stopped
Messenger ==> Stopped
Network DDE DSDM ==> Stopped
Network DDE ==> Stopped
Windows Installer ==> Stopped
Pml Driver HPZ12 ==> Stopped
PC Tools Security Service ==> Stopped
PC Tools Auxiliary Service ==> Stopped
Logical Disk Manager ==> Stopped
.NET Runtime Optimization Service v2.0.50727_X86 ==> Stopped
COM+ System Application ==> Stopped
Logical Disk Manager Administrative Service ==> Stopped
Smart Card ==> Stopped
Remote Desktop Help Session Manager ==> Stopped
Remote Access Auto Connection Manager ==> Stopped
Google Desktop Manager 5.5.709.30344 ==> Stopped
QoS RSVP ==> Stopped
Remote Procedure Call (RPC) Locator ==> Stopped
Routing and Remote Access ==> Stopped


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