Posted by: Preetam | October 17, 2007


$Storagegrp=read-host “Please enter the Storage group name you need to create”



Write-host “”

Write-host “Mailbox store $MBXStorename will be created and automatically mounted for you”

New-storagegroup -name $Storagegrp -server WS03R2EEEXCHLCS | New-MailboxDatabase -Name $MBXStorename

# ============================



$towait=$futdate – $date


while($waittime -gt 0) {


write-host “Warning: Operation is in progress …” -foreground yellow

start-sleep -s 1


if($waittime -le 0)


if((Get-MailboxDatabase $MBXStorename).databasecreated)


write-host “failed to mount database, it is already mounted or was not created” -foreground RED






Mount-Database -Identity $MBXStorename

start-sleep -s 10

Write-Host ” See below if your DB was mounted”

Get-MailboxDatabase -Status | where{$_.mounted -eq $true}






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