Posted by: Preetam | March 12, 2007

MS Cluster 2003 -Post SP1

 Few Windows 2003 SP1 clustering Improvements

817184 :Physical disk resources may still appear online after a RAID set fails on a clustered serverClustering 

817689 :Routing entry is not deleted from the routing table after network adapter is disconnected from the networkClustering

823147 : Majority node set clusters stop running on your Windows Server 2003-based networkClustering 

824354 : Your server stops responding or you receive a Stop error message when you set up a Windows Server 2003-based server clusterClustering

829701 : Network load balancing heartbeat packets may be dropped and a cluster may be disbanded in a Windows Server 2003 cluster environmentClustering

834231 : When a Windows Server 2003 cluster node is a domain controller, you may receive an error message when you add domain users to the cluster file shareClustering

834826 : You receive a “The specified domain either does not exist or could not be contacted” message when you try to use Cluster.exe with the /changepassword option to change the password for a Windows Server 2003 Cluster service accountClustering.

838408 : Network Load Balancing servers are removed from the Internet Group Management Protocol membership list in Windows Server 2003Clustering

838851 : DNS removes a Network Name resource at the end of the default scavenging interval in Windows Server 2003Clustering

840281 : Volume information is lost when you extend a partition by using the DiskPart tool and then move the volume in a Windows Server 2003 clusterClustering

885867 : Cluster services may stop when you use the “cluster” command to change the Cluster service account password on a Windows Server 2003-based server cluster nodeClustering

886652 : A network name resource does not come online in a Windows Server 2003 server clusterClustering

890549 : You cannot format a shared cluster hard disk volume, and you receive “The format did not complete successfully” error message in Windows Server 2003Clustering


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