Posted by: Preetam | March 8, 2007


I recently purchased “Powershell in Action”, reason to purchase was because I read some reviews and second it was available in PDF format, I got ebook in 2 mins. I read initial part of the book and I instantly felt it was worth the money. As result now I made folder with name from-Bruce and trying all example, trial and error putting my understanding of powershell over there. But it is getting delayed because I have other priority and that is VCP, VMware certified trainer. So I would start looking at it once I complete VCP. But passion and potential of powershell is almost irresistible. Daily I come in office and I need to open remote desktops on few machines which are actually Admin Servers, in day I almost type mstsc more than 30 times. And I hate to remember odd names of these machines I found a way out it




“LonWS” {mstsc /v:LON-WS-2335 /w:1024 /h:768}

“LonServ” {mstsc /v:LON-SERV-3554 /w:1024 /h:768}

“NYCServ” {mstsc /v:NYC-SERV-6935 /w:1024 /h:768}

“NYCT01” {mstsc /v:NYC-SERV-693510011 /w:1024 /h:768}

“NYCT02” {mstsc /v:NYC-SERV-693510012 /w:1024 /h:768}


I use switch function and used $args to classify which RDP it should invoke. Booom it worked. Cheers



  1. Hello,

    I’m new to powershell and i don’t understand how to use this script. Could you tell me more about it ?


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