Posted by: Preetam | December 6, 2006


Probably the easiest thing I do is post favorities on this Blog. Below are favorities which I use it frequently when I find nothing to do. Well guys you might be aware now even our favorites are shared and same could be used to get what others have stored in their favorities, this is achieved by utility which comes as add-on with fireFox. Well I have stored most of my book marks on Google’s BookMarks, But unfortunately I don’t see anyway to import it. Even in Firefox you can’t export BookMarks, sounds unrealistic for me

SCRIPTING Resources – The Scripting Search Engine – VBScript samples

The Script Center Script Repository­scriptcenter/scripts/default.mspx

DevGuru VBScript Introduction

WMI and VBScript to Query Disk – Tutorial with Basic Examples

Power Shell POWER SHELL Home Page

Windows PowerShell 1.0 Documentation Pack

FAQ (WMI Classes non English site)

Great Resources on clustering Step-by-Step Guide to Installing Cluster Service

I would add more. may be a Monthly Activity would be better.


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